Blogilates Challenge and the Water Dilemma

Morning guys.

Today I did the Dark Horse workout by Willitary, y’all should check it out. My legs burn like heck but it’s a fun and fast workout (only 3 minutes long!) so there’s no excuse 😬 Here’s my post workout selfie haha.

Post Workout Selfie 2/9/15
I also did the first 2 days (cause I missed yesterday) of the Blogilates 30 Day Challenges. That’s the Sleek Arm, the Butt Lift, the Flat Abs and the Thigh Slimming challenges. Am I crazy for starting my exercise regime with 4 different challenges? Heck yeah. But hopefully this will get me on the way to toning up my wobbly bits – well, everywhere is a wobbly bit really. But y’know what I mean.

I’ve also drunk half of my 750mL water bottle – sooo not enough considering it’s nearly 1pm. I seriously don’t know how to go about drinking more. I just can’t drink more than a little glass before I feel really sick and full. Well, for the rest of today I’m gonna try and drink at least the rest of the bottle plus one more. We’ll see how that goes haha.

Love, N 💕


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