Hi guys, this is just a little bit of information about my diet at the moment.

I’m 5’1 and 140lbs or 62kg, which makes my BMI 25.9 – this is what I look like at the moment (not very great, obviously):

Front View 2/9/15 Side View 2/9/15

My goals are:

  • GW1: 130lbs/58kg  (BMI 23.8)
  • GW2: 120lbs/54kg (BMI 22.2)
  • GW3: 110lbs/50kg (BMI 20.5)
  • UGW: 100lbs/45kg (BMI 18.5)

I’m hoping to reach one goal every month, so GW1 by October, GW2 by November, GW3 by December, and then my ultimate goal weight by the New Year. This means I’ll probably be aiming to lose about a kilo per week.

I don’t eat refined grains, oils or sugar. I also try to limit my intake of dairy and red meat to 3 servings per week. I don’t count calories. 

I’m also trying to drink 8-10 glasses of water today (I’m not very good at this so bear with me haha.)

In terms of exercise: I’m trying to get back into yoga, so I’ll be doing about half an hour of yoga every day. I’m also doing the 30 Day Thigh Slimming Challenge by Blogilates. Other than that, I try to walk for half an hour every day, and I’ll do some cardio workouts whenever I can.

I’ll update this as things change.
Love, N 💕